Past Winners

2011 Rambam Mesivta, New York
2012 Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, New York
Yeshiva Atlanta, Georgia
2013 Portland NCSY, Oregon
Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, New York
2014 Rabbi Alexander S. Gross Hebrew Academy, Florida
Seattle NCSY, Washington
2015 Midreshet Shalhevet, New York
Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, New York
2016 Rabbi Alexander S. Gross Hebrew Academy, Florida
2017 DRS Yeshiva High School, New York


  • INSECURI-T’s: A t-shirt campaign to encourage and empower people to embrace their unique qualities
  • The creation of a Holocaust memorial quilt reflecting the story of a Holocaust survivor that is no hanging in the Glen Cove holocaust Museum in Glen Cove, NY.
  • BET (Bullying Ends Today): An educational campaign event addressing the halachic and societal obligation to end bullying in schools and communities.
  • New Mother’s Drive: combining resources for young new families in need of products that often are useful only for a few months with a newborn at home
  • Israel Advocacy: Design and implementation of an advertisement to change people’s false impressions about Israel and to highlight Israel’s innovations to the world. This ad ran on 25 Portland metro public buses for 5 weeks.
  • Kedusha Campaign (including a father-son yom iyun, forming an educational curriculum, and an inter-school shabbaton all around the issue of kedusha in the community)
  • Chag in a Box (a box of materials necessary for each of the chagim along with games and explanations as well)
  • Practical Halacha School Infusion (teens sought out practical halachot for a school without halacha in the curriculum, offering teens the opportunity to partake in a daily short learning experience for students by students)