What is expected of a JUMP team?

The members of a JUMP team should possess the desire and passion to become leaders. The team should be prepared to fully participate in the JUMP leadership initiative that begins at the conference in the fall and throughout the next four or five months. The team is expected to commit to complete two of the three challenges launched at the conference by the deadline end of February.

Who is a JUMP mentor?

Every JUMP team has a JUMP mentor who serves as  a facilitator, guide and role model. The JUMP mentor may be a teacher/Rabbi/staff member that will accompany the JUMP team at the conference and will meet with the team once a week in school during the five months of the program. The mentor serves as a facilitator for their team, playing the role of a sounding board for their team. Mentors listen to their team’s ideas and can help present to them the pros and cons. As JUMP is a teen driven program, JUMP mentors do not make decisions for the team, but serve to guide and empower their team.

What is the cost to participate in JUMP?

The cost for each JUMP participant is $275. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements to the conference and the boardroom. In the past some schools have subsidized travel expenses for their students. Regional NCSY partnership is also a possibility.

How do I sign up?

Each school has their own method of selecting students for the JUMP team.

To confirm your school’s attendance, please take a minute to fill out this short form.

Once your school has registered, teens can begin filling out participation and waiver forms.

For more information please contact Alexa Szegedi, alexa@ncsy.org.